The Bride & Groom

Who would have thought that getting sushi with a stranger on a Tuesday in the North End would have led to this.

Michael DePace

The side of the relationship
that never stops asking questions

Ashley Bryan

The side of the relationship
that “tries” to keep us on time
and on track

When & Where

We hope you can join us this Labor Day Weekend!

For those visiting from out of town or anyone who’s in the area, we would love to kick off the weekend with you!  We will be at The Range Bar & Grill, 306 Whiting St, Hingham, MA, from 4:00pm until around 9:00pm.  We would love to grab some food, a drink, and hit a bucket of balls with you!

St. Paul’s Parish
147 North Street,
Hingham, MA 02043

Red Lion Inn
71 S Main Street,
Cohasset, MA 02025

Red Lion Inn Tavern
71 S Main Street,
Cohasset, MA 02025

We have two room blocks available for you!

We have a room block available at The Nantasket Beach Resort which is a 10 minute drive from both the ceremony and the reception. There is a two night minimum to book on the room block at the reduced rate of $220 per night, but you can also book direct for a single night directly on their website but the price appears to go up significantly.

Rooms on the room block are only guaranteed until June 30th so please book early! These rooms can be reserved by calling 888-641-4175 and mentioning the Bryan/DePace Wedding block.

We also have a room block available at The Cohasset Harbor Inn which is just 3 minutes from our reception venue and will have a shuttle to and from the festivities.  Call 781-383-6650 and mention the Bryan/DePace wedding upon booking and receive the discounted rate of $180 per night for a street view room or $210 per night for an ocean view room.

Rooms on this room block will only be available until July 30th so be sure to book early here as well!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Join us on Nantasket Beach on 9/1 for a traditional Galluzzo family beach day! Complete with games of bocce and lots of banter, we are hoping to have a fun and relaxing day at the beach on Sunday. Stop by and say hello or apply the SPF and stay all day!


Thanks for looking through our registry. We’re looking forward to replacing the mismatched “his and hers”
and building the new “ours”. You can find our favorite picks below.


From Elementary School to adulthood, these bridesmaids have been with Ashley through it all and are truly the best friends a girl could ask for.

Kerry Co-Maid of Honor

Friends since the fourth grade, Kerry and Ashley have gone on countless family vacations together, tried out some interesting home beauty recipes, and played (briefly) on the same soccer team, and continue to enjoy frequent trips to Capo for a great night of wine and Dalton and the Sheriffs shows.

Emily Co-Maid of Honor

Lovingly referred to as “common-law wives,” Ashley and Emily were the last two people anyone would have guessed to have lived so well together. For six years, through new jobs, major surgeries, and the Tinder years, Ash and Em have shared a lot of milestones, including celebrating both of their weddings in 2019!

Jenna Bridesmaid

Ashley still remembers the day Jenna showed up in their first dorm room and opened her arms yelling, “Roomie!” That name has stuck like glue ever since and so has their friendship. She always made sure Ashley threw away all of her unfinished water bottles and continues to be a source of invaluable advice and fun.

Kelly Bridesmaid

Ashley has always been amazed at the energy Kelly exudes with extremely limited amounts of sleep. Whether it’s flying across the world to visit her friends in Australia or teaching the girls the latest dance craze, Kelly never misses a party and is one of Ashley’s favorite partners on the dancefloor (and the PC Dance Club!).

Kathleen Bridesmaid

Fellow South Shore-ites, Kath and her husband Doug share Ashley and Mike’s love of hunting for the latest craft beer installment, trying interesting foods, and being near the water. Recently adding their first little one to the family, Evelyn is the most adorable addition to a trip to Stars or the beloved Trillium Brewery.

Talia Bridesmaid

Friends since 2002 when they met at Cardinal Spellman High School, Ashley and Talia have performed in school musicals together and were part of the coveted ‘God Squad’ during senior year which was run by our officiant, Deacon Joe Nickley. Yes, it was actually very cool, don’t be jealous.

Heather Bridesmaid

Lovingly referred to as “girlfriend,” Heather and Ashley shared a major in Elementary and Special Education, spent Junior year abroad in Sydney, Australia, and even jumped out of a plane together. The only bridesmaid never to live in Boston, Heather is still a core member of the crew and the mom to our first little love, Mason.


Every one of the Groomsmen have know Michael since they were little kids. They all lived in North Andover, ate Harrisons and played music together. The Flock flies again!

Nick Best Man

Nick is a good man, some may even say he's a great man. At our wedding, he's the BEST man. After surviving a 2 week long DePace/Bryan family vacation he's earned the title!

Dowals Chief Gaming Officer

Stevie D has been Mike's best friend since 1st grade. They grew up together playing Vegas Dream and Mike Tyson Punch Out in the basement. They still game online to this day.

Kev Head Of Shred

Kevin first taught Mike to snowboard in Middle School. They've been philosophizing the meaning of life on chairlifts ever since. Kev's wedding even inspired Mike to finally pop the question. Thanks Kev!

Ceej Chief Counsel

CJ Murray has been providing counsel in one form or another for over 20 years. From relationship advice to legal advice, CJ had been a friend like no other. CJ also plays a mean bass guitar - sorry ladies, he's engaged.

Serg International Relations

The man, the myth, the legend. An international man of mystery. Serg lays down the beat for the Flock.

Evan Shedd Caso Bat Cat Brand Ambassador

Caso is the master of obscure facts and games. He grew up just a few doors down from Mike as a kid and cannot be beat in Bat Cat.

Reading Head Of Transportation

Mr. Ryan Reading is a connoisseur of meats, cheeses and the midnight ramble. Ryan lived with Michael in the North End and together they discovered everything Boston had to offer. #Vanlife


Without these two couples none of this would be possible. Thanks for all your love and support.

Mary Ann & Bill Bryan Parents Of The Bride

Representing the South Shore (and the North Shore since Bill grew up in Groveland), are Bill and Mary Ann Bryan! Married since 1987, with one loving the city and one loving the country, they are living proof that opposites attract and can create a fabulous, long-lasting, and loving marriage.

Linda & Tony DePace Parents Of The Groom

Representing the North Shore (and Italy and France) is Tony and Linda DePace! Tony's charm, dance moves and pointy shoes won Linda over all those years ago right here in Boston. We're looking forward to seeing those moves again at the wedding.

August 31st, 2019

71 S MAIN St, COHASSET, MA 02025

Will You Be Staying With Us?

This is not the official RSVP. We'd just like to get an idea of how many guests would like to find accommodations.

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